KLW Plastics | Containers - E-Tainer™

E-Tainer Sustainability
at Its Core.

The new E-Tainer multi-layer container, an exclusive product of KLW Plastics, features a core layer of post-consumer resin (PCR) molded between two layers of 100% virgin resin on the interior and exterior surfaces. The benefits are significant:

  • The unique product technology of E-Tainer is available only from KLW Plastics, underscoring our ongoing commitment to manufacturing technology leadership and sustainability.
  • The combination of KLW Plastics' E-Tainer technology, with our waste and weight-reducing TCS (Thickness Compensation System) manufacturing process, provides the ultimate sustainable package.
  • Container contents will not interact with the PCR due to the inner virgin resin layer.
  • Utilizing PCR for 60% of the container material, E-Tainer leads sustainability in the plastic tight head category to new heights by introducing this new application for recycled resin.